Kuwait: 60,000 expats needed for fuel project

In a statement, Al-Shuail added the meeting was to initiate the execution of environmental fuel project and assign workers needed for the project. He also said the officials will simplify procedures for recruitment of about 60,000 workers from abroad. He noted the meeting was attended by the Director of Workers Need Estimation and Director of Environmental Fuel Abdullah Al-Ajmi.

Concerned about your carbon footprint?

We're all trying to do our little bit to help the environment, but surprisingly little public information is available about the fuel efficiency, and therefore carbon intensity, of international flights.

To rectify this, the International Council on Clean Transportation has published a report that summarises the first public, transparent assessment of the fuel efficiency of the top 20 airlines operating non-stop transatlantic passenger flights linking Europe to the U.S. and Canada. The study combined the highest quality publicly available and commercial operations data with sophisticated aircraft fuel burn modelling to benchmark the fuel efficiency of carriers on a passenger kilometre basis.