Romania: Work authorisation quota announcement likely to be delayed

Foreign nationals and employers should expect a delayed work permit quota announcement in Romania.

Due to typical delays associated with the announcement of work authorisation quota levels for the year and the upcoming elections in Romania, foreign nationals and employers should expect a delayed work permit quota announcement and therefore, delayed work authorisation approvals for applications still pending in the beginning of 2017.

If the quota for 2017 is not published while a work authorisation application is pending, the work authorisation deadline will be automatically extended by 15 business days.

Romania: New law implements intra-company transferee rules

Effective immediately, a new law delineates several changes related to intra-company transferees (ICTs) in Romania.

New ICT Permit Category

The new rules introduce the term ‘ICT worker’, defined as a non-European Economic Area/European Union/Swiss national who is transferred to Romania for up to three years as a manager or specialist, or for up to one year as a trainee, by an employer established in a third- country in the same corporate group.  One of the companies in the corporate group must be located in Romania.

Switzerland: Bulgarian and Romanian nationals to be exempt from labour market rules

On or after June 1, 2016, nationals of Bulgaria and Romania under a local Swiss employment contract will no longer be subject to Swiss labor market rules such as a labor market test, salary and working condition checks and the foreign national quota system.  Instead, they will be subject to the same registration formalities that apply to EU nationals.

Romania: Work permit quotas for 2016 announced

The Romanian Government has announced that 5,500 spots will be available for foreign workers in 2016, the same number that was available in 2015. The General Immigration Inspectorate will start issuing work authorizations once this information has been published in the Official Gazette of Romania, which is expected to happen within the next few days.