Ireland: In-person re-entry visa applicants must use new online appointment system

Foreign nationals filing re-entry visa applications in person in Dublin must now book an appointment online and can no longer walk in without an appointment.  This service replaces the previous queuing and ticketing system at the Re-entry Visa Public Office in Dublin, located at Burgh Quay.

Mailing Applications

The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service encourages applicants to mail their re-entry visa applications where possible by completing the Application for Re-Entry Visa form.  Applications submitted by mail are normally processed within ten business days.

GNIB-Residency Card Applicants

Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) residency card applicants - who previously could generally apply for their GNIB card and re-entry visa on the same day - should note:

  • They cannot use the electronic system to apply for the GNIB residency card.  They must adhere to the new GNIB card registration schedule
  • GNIB residency card applicants may have difficulty obtaining their GNIB card and re-entry visa on the same day if their GNIB card is not issued in time for the re-entry visa application to be submitted.

What This Means for Foreign Nationals

Re-entry visa applicants should benefit from the new online appointment system as it should eliminate the need to wait in line at the Re-entry Visa Public Office.

Because an updated GNIB card is frequently required in order to obtain a re-entry visa,  applicants should obtain a GNIB card first and then make an appointment to obtain a re-entry visa.