Eligible business visitors to Germany benefit from new rule

As of August 1, 2015, non-EEA national business visitors conducting certain business activities will be able to stay in Germany up to 90 days cumulatively within a 180-day period instead of 90 days in a twelve-month period.  This change is in line with the rule for business stays in Schengen countries.

The business visitor activities affected by the change are the following:

  • Attending meetings and negotiations, preparing contract offers, signing contracts and supervising the implementation of contracts for an employer outside Germany;
  • Attending internal business meetings or discussions; and
  • Establishing, auditing, or overseeing an entity in Germany for an employer outside Germany.

Business visitors conducting the following activities are limited to the previous 90 days within a twelve-month period rule:

  • Attending or holding internal seminars or training;
  • Participating in expositions to present and sell company products; and
  • Testing or receiving training for use of equipment and facilities purchased by the employer with a commercial entity outside Germany.

Non-EEA visa nationals must still obtain a visa to enter Germany.

What This Means for Foreign Nationals

Eligible business visitors to Germany should benefit from the new rule as it will allow a longer stay in Germany, and should consult with their immigration professional to determine whether their upcoming business travel is affected by the change.

Courtesy of Fragomen