Belgium: Integration statement to be required for non-EU nationals

Non-EU nationals staying in Belgium for more than three months will be required to submit a signed statement promising to integrate into Belgian society and to respect Belgian laws and values.  The signed statement will have to be submitted with the visa application at the Belgian consular post, or at the local Belgian town hall when the residence registration process is started.  The rule is expected to be implemented during the summer of 2016.

Ensuring Integration

Once the rule is implemented, non-EU nationals will also have to provide proof of integration into Belgian society to the Immigration Office. Details on the practical implications of this process will be announced closer to the implementation date, but will most likely include providing additional documents and attestations including, but not limited to, proof of knowledge of one of the official languages in Belgium (Dutch, French or German) and an employment contract. 

What This Means for Foreign Nationals

Non-EU nationals seeking to stay in Belgium for over three months will face additional administrative formalities.