Slovak Republic: Stricter notification and record-keeping rules implemented for employers


EU employers who send intra-company transferees to Slovakia must notify the National Labour Inspectorate (NLI) in Slovakia of the transfer no later than the foreign national’s start date, according to a new law that is effective immediately. 

Employers can use the NLI’s new registration portal or can send a paper registration form to the NLI by mail.

New Record-Keeping Requirements

Additionally, the sending company must now maintain the following new records related to each transferred employee:

  • The employment contract or other document confirming the employment relationship;
  • Time sheets; and
  • Pay slips.

Fines for Related Noncompliance

The new law also expands the definition of illegal employment to include breach of the above record-keeping and notification requirements.  Both the sending and host employer may face a fine from EUR 2,000 for noncompliance related to one employee, up to EUR 200,000 for noncompliance related to multiple employees.

What This Means for Employers 

EU employers sending intra-company transferees to Slovakia should contact their immigration professional to discuss the new notification and record-keeping requirements.  Employers that require assistance with the notification process may be subject to an additional fee.