US: The impact of the U.S. elections on business immigration

Immigration is expected to be a key issue in President-Elect Donald Trump’s administration. Though he has voiced some support for skilled immigration, he has called for more vetting of foreign nationals entering the United States, curbs on foreign worker admissions and increased obligations on employers of foreign workers. 

The President-Elect’s position paper on immigration supports selecting immigrants based on merit, skills, and likelihood of success in the United States.  At the same time, he has called for immigration controls that would prioritise the hiring of U.S. workers. He has advocated for reform of the H-1B program, though he has not yet made specific proposals.

President-Elect Trump has indicated that he would seek to renegotiate or withdraw from key trade agreements, many of which contain provisions to streamline immigration between the United States and trade partners. 

He has championed more stringent screening of applicants for visas and green cards, which would include applicants for employment-based nonimmigrant visas and permanent residence.  He supports a moratorium on visa issuance in countries where adequate screening cannot be guaranteed.

Stuart Beaty

Celsium, Birmingham, UK